About Us

Serenity Birth Studio offers programs, services, and products to help parents navigate pregnancy, birth, and parenting with confidence!

Serenity Birth Studio is a team of local health professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, and fellow parents in pursuit of developing a deep sense of community among themselves as well as with each parent, parent-to-be, grandparent, or friend who steps through the front door. From cloth diapering workshops, to breastfeeding support, to virtual classes, and everything in between, the Serenity team enjoys assisting today’s parents in navigating the many, and ever-changing, facets of parenthood. By offering regular opportunities for young parents to find much needed education, treatments, and support, the Serenity team is empowering parents with the knowledge and community they need to raise the next generation confidently.

Serenity Birth Studio doubles as a retail boutique which focuses on supplying Canadian-made, local products, further developing the Serenity community. The Babyshop is curated for the modern parent, providing you with safe, natural options for pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

With online, contactless, and in-person shopping options, Serenity continues to strive to meet the needs of young parents.

As a leading pre- and postnatal resource in our area, we have created a space that provides community, education, support, and long lasting connections among moms as well as their families, which is why we build these values into all programs, community events, services, and products we offer.




~ Allison

Serenity Birth Studio - baby store for pregnancy, birth and parenting

Photo Credit: Hillary West Photography