All Things Sleep & Poop

Sleep and poop!  Yep, babies do a whole lot of this in their first year! And yet, as an expecting or new parent, you are probably feeling overwhelmed on how to teach your child amazing sleep habits and when you can and should start “potty training”.  Join Cara Myre, Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, and Tereza Groves, Go Diaper Free Certified Coach, for this 1.5 hour class to talk all things sleep and potty.  If you are expecting, or have a child who is between 0-18 months of age, this seminar is for you!

We will cover:

  • The importance of sleep for you and your baby
  • How much sleep your baby needs and how this evolves as they grow
  • Sleep tips that you can implement right away
  • The many benefits of starting early with potty learning
  • When and how to potty your baby at different age ranges (newborn, crawling, or walking)
  • Fitting potty time into your life as a busy mom
  • How to be done with diapers between 12 and 18 months
  • Q&A​ to discuss your burning sleep and potty questions!



  • Monday May 13 @ 10:00-11:30am


  • Single –> $25 +hst
  • Couple –> $35 +hst

INSTRUCTORS: Cara Myre + Tereza Groves

Cara has always been a big fan of sleep – napping, getting extra Zzzz’s on the weekend, you name it – until her first little one came along and taught her that sleep doesn’t always come easy. This combined with her love of supporting other moms and their babes led Cara to become a Sleep Consultant. Cara holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Guelph, with continued education in Adult Learning and Development. Her natural ability to teach, coupled with a genuine and friendly personality, allows her to form strong and supportive relationships with her clients. She is committed to improving the lives of all family members through healthy and restful sleep. Cara resides in Barrie (Ontario) with her husband and sons, and enjoys reading, napping, yoga and going to the cottage in her spare time.  Follow Cara on social media here

Tereza Groves is a Go Diaper Free Certified Coach who is passionate about helping parents start ditching the diapers as early as birth. She teaches classes on Elimination Communication and potty training and offers private consultations to those needing extra support. She potty trained her first son at 20 months and has been practicing Elimination Communication with her youngest since birth. Visit her website at to find out more information, ask questions, and see how Tereza can help your family.