Canta y Baila Conmigo

Child: 0-5yr

Canta y Baila Conmigo ® is a uniquely designed program that provides a culturally rich experience, where children acquire Spanish language skills through music and movement in a fun-filled classroom environment. Let us support and inspire your family as you begin your bilingual journey.

What is Canta y Baila Conmigo?

Canta y Baila Conmigo® (or CyBC) is a unique Spanish language and culture program with dual, complementary music education and language immersion goals. Designed for beginners and native speakers alike, CyBC creates a playful, interactive atmosphere where language learning is integrated naturally and organically into the musical experience.

Canta y Baila Conmigo classes are conducted entirely in Spanish. Each semester features a collection of carefully selected folk classics, familiar children’s songs, and new adaptations of traditional songs and rhymes.  Along with the take-home CD and music download card (both digital streaming and CD formats are provided), families receive a beautiful songbook containing Spanish lyrics, music notation, cultural and language notes, and English translations for families learning Spanish.


  • A fun and motivating Spanish immersion experience accessible to all learners.
  • A solid foundation for early musical development.
  • Class activities that promote cognitive, language, motor and social skills.
  • Exposure through music to the cultures and traditions of Spanish speaking countries.


  • In the park (summer)
  • At Serenity Birth Studio on adverse weather days.


  • Thursdays @ 5:00-5:45pm

* Fall dates being announced soon.  


  • Price structure available via the Book Now button
  • Please Note: This program registration is managed via the Program Facilitator, Patricia


Patricia is a proud Latin Canadian, born and raised in Venezuela, where she grew up having fun and surrounded by nature, music, her sister, many cousins, neighbours -with whom she would put together dance and singing shows quite often. Patricia moved to Toronto in 2012 looking for a safe, and multicultural place to live, to belong. 

She and her partner fell in love with Barrie and moved here in 2021. Since becoming a mom in the same year, she started wanting to raise her child bilingual and multicultural, with a strong sense of her Latin Hispanic Heritage, deeply feeling a need to honor and share her beloved music and culture. Luckily in her journey of searching for Music and Spanish activities and groups, she was introduced to Maddie- the founder of Canta y Baila Conmigo- who had the same critical need 15 years ago while raising her children in Boston in the USA. 

Patricia decided to lead her dream and bring a taste of the Hispanic culture to all families in the Barrie area with 0 to 5yrs olds that are looking to be part of a community that prioritizes having fun, multiculturalism, and developing basic musical sense for all. 

She is hoping to provide an authentic, warm, and rich Hispanic experience to all families in our community!


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