Munchbox Extra Trays


Munchbox® is the world’s first and only bento box with 5 interchangeable trays!



Need a spare tray for your Munchbox? Like different options for different kids? This is your chance!

The Munchbox Clear tray includes five generously sized sections designed to suit a range of different food items, for those who want to pack bento-style. The tray features three portioned compartments specifically designed to hold appropriate servings of each of the key food groups – grains, protein, fruits and vegetables – as well as a small section for dips or a treat.

The clear trays also allow you to personalise your Munchbox by placing your own artwork or photographs below the tray, bringing another element of fun to your child’s lunch. Finally, our clear trays are popular with older children and others who prefer a more understated look without pictures.

The compartments of each tray correspond exactly with the specially patterned silicone lid, which works to lock in moisture, preventing leaks, even between compartments.