Green to Grow Baby Bottle

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Green to Grow is available in Two Sizes



  • Free of PVC, BPA, nitrosamines, phthalates, and lead
  • Bottles made from Polyethersulfone (PES)
  • Wide neck bottle makes it easy for formula dispenser
  • Nipples made with medical grade silicone
  • Includes a beginner (slow-flow, 0-3 months) nipple
  • Travel caps help prevent spillage
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)

Green to Grow plastic baby bottles made with PES is known for its ability to remain stable over a wide range of temperatures and for its exceptional durability. It is found to be less porous and less reactive than other compounds. PES can withstand repeated sterilization without degrading. The caps and rings are made with Polypropylene (plastic #5).

Green to Grow Wide Neck bottles make it easy and clean for formula dispensing. compatible with the Medela Breastpump making it easy and convienent to feed baby the good stuff. Green to Grow Nipples are made from a transparent, medical grade silicone that is heat resistant, non-toxic, and odorless. The nipples are free of nitrosamines and are dishwasher safe.

Packaging for this product is made from recycled paper and is recyclable.

Green to Grow is a member of 1% back to the planet

Available in Two Sizes