Lil Helper Potty Training Pants


Making potty training way easier than dealing with the fact that your kiddo is growing up.



Wait! I’m not ready for potty training! I know, you blinked and your baby became a toddler. Luckily, Lil Helper Zero-A Training Pants make potty training way easier than dealing with the fact that your kiddo is growing up. Code for ‘zero accidents’, these training pants are designed to help catch those little mishaps that are bound to happen and help get your baby from wearing diapers to mounting the porcelain throne with confidence.

Luckily, once again, Lil Helper has done the hard work, so that we can make your life a little easier.

Introducing, our Zero-A Undies…

Zero-A: Zero-A is code for ‘zero accidents’. These training pants are designed to help make both teaching your babe to avoid accidents and dealing with the inevitable slip-ups a breeze.

Comfy Cozy: Designed to stretch in all the right places, making them easy for your little one to pull up and down, while still containing any mess.

Absorbent: Even when you come up with a concrete potty-training plan, the occasional misstep is bound to happen. Luckily Lil Helper has you double covered on this front. First, we started with a layer of absorbent, dark coloured minky that will hide stains and absorb moisture, while still letting your baby feel that they are wet. Then we added a layer of hidden microfibre to really lock in wetness.

Completely Leak Proof: Here at Lil Helper, we are nothing if not overachievers. So to really take the Zero-A Undies to the level of “over-the-top awesome” we have included a layer of waterproof PUL. This way even accidents will never be accidents.

Completely Adjustable: I’m sure at this point, you are already convinced that these are the Cadillac of all training pants, so let me put the icing on the cake for you. Fitted with both three sets of rise snaps and three sets of side snaps, our trainers are ONE SIZE, completely adjustable and will fit toddlers from about 20-45lbs (approx). That means these bad boys will be ready for you, no matter when your munchkin is ready to mount the porcelain throne.

Completely Adorable: As usual, we also have your babe covered when it comes to style as well as practicality. The Zero-A Undies come in an assortment of the adorable, signature Lil Helper prints you have come to know and love.

**A Note on Washing and Care**: While we truly hope that potty training is a quick and painless process for you (I have done a dance on your behalf to appease the potty gods), we also always want to make sure our products will last for as long as you need them. To this end, please HANG DRY ONLY, otherwise you may experience some shrinking in your trainers. Also, every time you hang laundry to dry instead of using the dryer, mother nature does a dance too.

Teaching another human how to, well, human is rough.