Eclair Lips Holiday Desserts Lip Balms


Add a little joy this season with these all natural lip balms, made in Canada.



Are you ready to dive into the Eclair Lips Holiday Desserts lip balm collection?  Add a little joy this season with these all natural lip balms, made in Canada.

Here’s are the delicious options to choose from:

  • Candy Cane Latte
  • Candy Cane Bark
  • Gingerbread Cookie
  • Sugared Cranberry
  • Peppermint Mocha
  • Candy Cane Ice Cream


Size: 4.25g (0.15oz) tube



  • A smooth blend of coffee, candy cane, and a hint of vanilla, this lip balm is sure to leave you feeling cozy even on the coldest winter days.


  • What is it that makes Candy Cane Bark so special? Is it the combo of refreshing mint and decadent chocolate and that distinct crunch when you bite into it? Or maybe it’s knowing that madly crunching these candies with a rolling pin is not only allowed but required to make this festive treat? Either way, this flavour is sure to make your holiday season a tiny bit dreamier!


  • Is it really the holidays if you haven’t giggled as you bite into a gingerbread cookie? All the spicy warmth, sweetness and fun of the holiday season are poured into this delicious Gingerbread Cookie lip balm.


  • Don’t let the tartness of cranberries fool you. A bit of sugar is all it takes to make the refreshing flavour of those beautiful red berries pop and to balance out the tartness just perfectly. Combine the amazing flavour with the holiday nostalgia that these tiny berries always conjure up and you have a festive combination that your lips won’t be able to resist!


  • When your favorite childhood drink meets your grown-up must-have beverage, you know it’s going to be your new favorite. Our Peppermint Mocha lip balm is all that and a dash of mint!


  • Candy Canes + Ice Cream = it’s a combo I’m learning some people think should be around all year! Like mint-chocolate-chip ice cream’s festive cousin, this flavour is a double-whammy of cool, tingling mint combined with the creamy sweetness of homemade ice cream.