The Joeyband


Easing the transition from womb to world.



Joeyband™ The Premiere Product for Skin-to-Skin Cuddles

Did you know that when baby is skin-to-skin in Joeyband™, crying is reduced? Babies held skin-to-skin are 12x less likely to cry!  Joeyband ™ fits snug to you. Baby’s tummy against your chest, head above the breasts. Band up to the nape of baby’s neck. It’s that simple.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the fit, just reach out and we will promptly review your request.

Note: Joeyband™ is not a carrier, and not for co-sleeping.It is for proper skin-to-skin positioning and breastfeeding support.



  • Small (A): 24″-45″ – up to dress size 16
  • Medium (B): 39″-60″ – dress size 12-26
  • Large (C): 54″-75″ – dress size 3x-7x


A Birth Bag Essential

Easy to use


Materials + Care


Prevent Infant Falls


Backed by Science






Women Owned


SleepBeltTM has uses and benefits from before your baby is born, to well beyond. We've listed some of our Moms favourites, below.

Product Use for Mom
- Use as a pregnancy support during the third trimester.
- Use SleepBeltTM to fasten a heating pad/hot water bottle to abdomen when dealing with post-pregnancy pains & cramping.
- Keep a heating pad on your back to alleviate back pain (carrying babies all day is hard work!).

Product Use: Newborn to 3 months
- Prevent infant falls while sitting/reclined, breastfeeding and those 4am rocking chair sessions. Infant falls also occur in hospital at a rate of 1/666 infants (study available upon request). Talk to your Doctor about fall prevention and pack our product in your overnight bag.
- Hands free skin-to-skin (benefits of skin-skin here).
- Nap wrap for baby; baby sleeps securely while their head and hands can remain free and mobile (thumb sucker, anyone?).
- Twin snuggles. If you can get two babies on your chest, SleepBeltTM will hold them.

Additional Product Value
- Supports easy transfer from chest to crib.
- Comforts babies suffering from colic/reflux.
- Snug & secure, just like the womb – i.e. soothe baby easily (lifesaver for early days).
- Cuddles baby to you, allowing mom & dad to eat a meal together – no "taking turns". (Note: Nothing hot over baby!)

Feeding your baby (below).

Feeding your Baby
- Hands free breastfeeding in laid back biological, cradle and football hold. Please support the head until baby has neck control.
- Secure your breast pump to your chest with SleepBeltTM... more hands-free help!
- Additional support when bottle feeding - allows you to feed with one hand.

Product Use: 4 months to Beyond
- Use SleepBeltTM to secure baby forward-facing on lap. Baby must have full neck/head control.
- Airplane travel to keep baby in proper positioning for take-off & landing.
- When baby can sit up on baby’s own, you can use it to keep baby secure - any chair becomes an ad-hoc high chair. **
- Extra support for baby in a grocery cart. When baby can't quite sit unsupported, wrap your sleep belt around baby's torso and the seat back to help! **
- Prevent dangling legs by wrapping SleepBeltTM around baby's lower half. when in a carrier that doesn't support his/her hips - it will help keep baby in a healthy position.
- Can provide additional support with traditional wrap.
- Can help secure a lightweight blanket over carriers, wraps and slings for an extra layer of warmth.
- Snuggle baby while cuddling your older children. Great for story time, colouring & games!

** Never leave baby unattended