Lotus Natural Living Tush Tin


Lotus Natural Living Tush Tin is a 100% natural diaper balm.

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Lotus Natural Living Tush Tin is a 100% natural diaper balm has been created with the utmost love and care. It contains the gentlest ingredients possible such as olive oil, calendula, lavender and chamomile. It is scented with only pure essential oils.
Tush can be used every day to help prevent a diaper rash or just when a diaper rash occurs. Your baby will thank you!.

Same great product as our 2oz push up tube but our customers were asking for a bigger size so we are now offering Tush in a 5 oz tin.

Customer praise:
“My husband and I had never heard of Tush until we were given a jar as a present. We’ve been using it on our daughter ever since and plan on using it with all our future children. It’s incredibly fast acting and has treated our daughter’s rashes far more quickly than any other kind of baby cream we’ve tried. It’s very gentle on a baby’s skin because it’s made with completely natural products. It’s also not thick or pasty, so it’s an easy product to apply. The 2 oz jar has lasted us a long time. We’re very impressed with the quality of this product and highly recommend it to any parent.”
– Happy parents Phillip and Mallory Pierce

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