MagicPatch Itch Relief Stickers


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MagicPatch Itch Relief Stickers are made for us parents as we know what mosquito bites mean for our kids. Our poor little ones can’t handle the itch, day or night.

Some kids get it worse than others, developing an allergic reaction to the bite that causes the area to swell up and is really, really uncomfortable.

Some kids even develop a fear of going outside, just to avoid getting bitten!


  • Pack of 27 patches include 9x Pink, 9 x Blue, 9 x Olive
  • Using our Grid-Relief Technology, our Itch Relief patches mechanically lift the skin (no chemicals) to drain the lymphatic system which has been injected by the mosquito’s saliva that causes the itch.
  • Our Itch Relief Patches contain no chemicals. They work kinesthetically!
  • Our Itch Relief Patches will start working in 30-60 seconds to relieve the itch, and can last for up to 7 days (and are completely waterproof)

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