Substance Eucalyptus Summer Spray


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Substance Eucalyptus Summer Spray has a refreshing aroma—naturally derived from plant sources and essential oils—lasts up to two hours and can safely be reapplied throughout the day. Neem’s active component called Azadirachin, is known for repelling and killing insects. Eucalyptus has a strong smell that is believed to confuse mosquitoes’ delicate sense of direction and taste, making it difficult for them to find a host. This plant has the added bonus of doubling, up as an antiseptic after bites.

Size: 118mL (4oz)


  • All natural, non-toxic, safe for kids and pets
  • Long lasting, its herbal and essential oil blend naturally repels mosquitoes and black flies through its scent
  • Lasts up to two hours and can safely be re-applied throughout the day
  • Safe to use throughout the day

Directions: Shake gently before spritzing. Use as an all-over aromatic body spray, or on clothing and linens for a freshening effect. Scent lasts up to two hours. Reapply as desired. This product is safe for children and pets. Adult supervision is needed when applying.

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