Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower


This Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower makes bath-time soothing and fun for babies and newborns.

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This Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower makes bath-time soothing and fun for babies and newborns – and oh so simple and sweet for parents. Designed with a calming stream, it introduces your little one to the magic of water and becomes a fun elephant bath toy as they grow.
Age: 0-24m
  • With its feet in the water and batteries in place, put the portable elephant, with the circulating water pump, anywhere, in any tub, and start celebrating bath time.
  • The shower head requires only one hand to operate and start and pause the flow of water, so the other hand is free to care for your baby.
  • Help your baby through those first baths and create a positive bathing experience, with Yookidoo’s new approach to bath time.
  • Use the gentle, soothing flow of the baby shower to help even the most sensitive babies adjust to the changes and discomforts of bathing.
  • Reach and wash every little part, from the hair, through the neck, to all those sweet little baby folds.
  • As your baby grows, the elephant becomes an amusing elephant bath toy, for hours of bathing, playing, and fun.

What’s Inside

  • 1 x Battery-operated elephant pump with shower head trunk

Safety first

The shower can be used with water from the tub, so water temperature remains constant. Also, the hose is designed to be a child-safe length.


No more running water! The shower’s unique circulating water pump (CWP) runs an endless stream of water without wasting water from the tap.


Like all Yookidoo motorized bath toys, our Elephant Baby Showers uphold the most stringent safety standards (ASTM, EN71, ect’) and are the only IPX7 waterproof certified bath toys.

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