4th Trimester 2.0 (for the returning Mom)

*NEW SERIES* – Same great format as our original 4th Trimester series but with a customized approach for Returning Moms!

This is a valuable series which provides much needed support for all new moms!
Whether this is your second child or your 10th child, every baby brings new experiences. Questions will be answered, give and receive support from each other & develop your own mommy group.

Over a 6-week period we will cover the many questions and concerns that repeat moms have including sharing your birth stories, discussing the joys and challenges with parenting more than one child, postpartum depression, community resources, your postpartum body and more.

The goal is for moms to interact, support & assist each other through this time of transition. Lots of talking, laughing, sharing and yes, crying too!!



  • Thursdays @ 2:00-3:00pm
  • 6 weeks


  • $139 +hst

Instructor: Sarah Downey

Week One

We will introduce ourselves and our babies and other children at home. We will share our birth stories and check in with where we all are emotionally. Debriefing your birth can help to process what is an incredible and intense experience.

Week Two

We explore the concept of the 4th trimester and how to cherish this time, heal your body, and bond with baby while still meeting the demands of your other littles. Babywearing is especially helpful when you have other kids to care for so please bring in any carriers, wraps, slings that you have kicking around!  We also have some on site to try while in class.

Week Three

This week we talk about the many faces of postpartum mood disorders; from the baby blues to depression, anxiety, insomnia, rage, fear.  Knowing the signs and talking with others in a safe space can be a key player in your road back to yourself.

Week Four

This week we will be checking in with how your old kid/s are doing with the transition to having a new baby in the family. We will discuss ways to talk & connect with your child, to understand various behaviours that may arise after a new baby arrives, and how to help your older ones feel special too.

Week Five.

This week is all about you!  We will be talking body image and ways to heal, nourish, and love your postpartum body – with a special focus on pelvic floor integrity. Regardless of mode of delivery (vaginal birth or C-section), your pelvic floor goes through a lot in pregnancy. Prenatal and postpartum fitness specialist Amanda Ingram will join us to speak about your health and recovery.

Week Six

A lot happens after your baby is born. In our final week, we will talk about changes in our relationships with our partners, family, and friends. Sex and intimacy and changing expectations will all be covered as will options for Family Planning and ways to stay connected. Community resources and activities will also be reviewed.