4th Trimester series

Designed for Mom & Baby

This is a valuable series which provides you with a wealth of education, community & support in your Motherhood journey!

Over a 6 week period we will cover the many questions and concerns that new moms have including share your birth story, dealing with sleep deprivation & baby’s sleep cycles, postpartum depression, community resources, your postpartum body and more.

The goal is for moms to interact, support & assist each other through this incredible time of transition.

Friends and Community

It is so important to connect with other moms – to share in the journey of motherhood. It is easy to feel alone when you are at home, but in fact you are not – there is a whole community of mothers in the area experiencing the same kinds of joys and challenges that you are, who are just waiting to connect with other moms. Therefore, there is ample time provided before and after each class to linger, to meet old friends and make new ones, and to share the experiences and insights of raising a little one!


  • 6 weeks of program instruction, live & interactive
  • Access to a live instructor and guest professional experts including weekly check-ins and Q&A following each class
  • WhatsApp chat group for conversations, connections and sharing of resources outside of class time.
  • Welcome Gift 
  • Access to our Serenity Community group for ongoing education, community & support
  • $10 Serenity Babyshop gift card



  • Friday’s @ 1:00-2:00pm
  • + open time following class to get to know your group!



  • Hybrid – Shear Park during nice weather, Serenity Birth Studio on cool/adverse weather days.
  • Open time following class allowing you ample time to feed or change baby and get to know the other Mama’s in your class in a small group, physically distanced setting.



  • $159 +hst


COVID-19 PROCEDURES (for in person programming):

  • Please bring your own chair and blanket as this is your physical distanced bubble during class.
  • If you or baby are unwell, experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 per screening questions, please stay home.
  • Hand sanitizer available for your use (or bring your own).
  • Please note, there may not be access to washroom facilities at the park.


Hello! I’m Emma, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), early parenting educator, and former midwife with nearly two decades of experience supporting women/mother identified folx, children, and their families.  I help parents navigate the waters of new parenthood and the early years by fostering connection and secure attachment through up to date, evidence-based education and support.  I am thrilled to be returning to teaching classes at Serenity after a brief hiatus to get my health back on track.  Lactation consultations at Serenity are also available. Check website for details!

I am a mama to two busy boys, and a lover of nature and coffee.  I can’t wait to meet you and your littles!


* Every week we start with a weekly check-in which is an opportunity to share joys & challenges plus ask any specific questions you have before we dive into the topic of the week.  

Topic 1

Introduce ourselves and our babies and share our birth stories. Debriefing your birth can help to process what is an incredible and intense experience. We discuss feeding topics including breastfeeding, pumping and formula feeding.

Topic 2

We will discuss biologically appropriate sleep expectations for newborns and strategies to get better quality sleep for you and your family with a sleep consultant as our guest speaker.

Topic 3

We talk about why babies cry, soothing and colic that is known now as the Period of PURPLE Crying.  We will watch review methods & tools such as Dr. Harvey Karp about the 5S system, Dr Hamilton’s soothing hold and learn about the Period of PURPLE Crying. 

Topic 4

Maternal Mental Health with a guest speakers from the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative – fostering connection, community & support for new Moms. 

Topic 5

We will discuss how to take care of your healing body, with a guest speaker talking about pelvic floor integrity. Regardless of mode of delivery (vaginal birth or C-section), your pelvic floor goes through a lot during pregnancy.

Topic 6

A lot happens after your baby is born. In our final week, we will talk about changes in our relationships with our partners, family, and friends. Sex and intimacy and changing expectations will all be covered as will options for Family Planning and ways to stay connected.