Ages and Stages: Baby 3-6m

To continue your journey with your baby beyond the 4th Trimester, we have launched our signature “Ages & Stages” series to touch on education, discussion, and support for important topics during your baby’s first year of life.

Sometimes life after those first three months postpartum can feel kind of lonely. The excitement of a new baby in the family can begin to wear off, visitors start to dwindle, and partners are often back to work. This can leave mom feeling a bit isolated and at a loss of how to engage her little one with their ever increasing need for interaction and development. Come join other moms and babes to connect, learn, grow, and support one another through the exciting time between 3-6 months of age! Beginning to laugh, giggle, sit up on their own, get teeth, and begin solid foods, this is a period of incredible growth for both mom and baby


  • Wednesdays @ 11:30am-12:30pm
  • 6 week series


  • $139 +hst

*Pre-Registration is required.  Spaces are limited so please register early!

Instructor:  Sarah Downey

Program Overview

  • BABY’S SLEEP – What your infant’s sleep may look like at this stage of life and how to get the best sleep that is developmentally appropriate for your little one.
  • FEEDING: INTO OF SOLIDS & BEYOND – We cover a lot of content including the best foods to introduce when your baby first starts to eat solids & more!
  • DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES: for 3-6m – Review what milestones your baby should be reaching at this stage of life and ways to help encourage proper development through movement and sensory play.
  • ATTACHMENT, COMMUNICATING WITH BABY – Strategies to understand what your baby is trying to communicate. We will discuss various methods of communication, and discuss the importance of music and reading. We will review babywearing, attachment, and comforting techniques.