Ages and Stages: Baby 6-9m

To continue your journey with your baby beyond the 4th Trimester, we have launched our signature “Ages & Stages” series to touch on education, discussion, and support for important topics during your baby’s first year of life.

The 6-9 month stage of your baby’s life is an exciting one! They are now eating solids, sitting up on their own and some may even be beginning to crawl around.  So much is happening in their bodies and brains and moms are often starting to feel a little bit more like themselves again.  Join us as we continue our journey of supporting development, play, and growing and changing identities as new moms.


  • Wednesdays @ 10:00am-11:00am
  • 4 week series


  • $99+hst

*Pre-Registration is required.  Spaces are limited so please register early!

Instructor: Sarah Downey

LEARNING & DISCUSSION TOPICS include (but not limited to):

– Learn about your baby’s emotional, physical, and social development at this age, including the NDDS checklist, and the CDC checklist.  We will be playing games and doing activities that you can do at home to help support development and independence.

– Returning to work and how to choose a childcare provider.  We will discuss all of the emotions that come with returning to work or with choosing to stay home.  Being a mama comes with lots of feelings!

– We will explore developmentally appropriate activities for your baby and sensory play.  We will also discuss keeping your baby safe now that they are on the move!

– Sleep continues to be a hot topic for new moms throughout the entire first year (and beyond!) so we will continue to discuss what is developmentally appropriate and what to expect in terms of naps and nighttime sleep/needs.