Alissa Blais – Be Mom Strong Training Academy

Alissa offers 2 types of classes in the Serenity studio space!  We look forward to having you  join us and other Mama’s in the community!


We all know how good it feels to get a massage. Its great for stress relief, reducing our bodies aches and pains and improves our mood. Every mom could use and deserves a massage every once in a while, but we don’t always have the time to get out for one.

Join Alissa Blais, Yoga Tune Up teacher in this accessible 30 minute self massage class at Serenity Birth Studio where you can learn to do this on your own with your baby in tote. You will learn how to relieve some aches and pains, reduce swelling, regulate your hormones, improve breasfeeding/feeding and assist in healing the post partum body using self massage tools and yoga poses. Give your body and mind some TLC so you can get back to motherhood.

Space is limited, sign up today to reserve your spot!
  • $10 +hst


Join Alissa Blais – personal trainer, yoga teacher and mom of two, plus the Founder of the Be Mom Strong Training Academy, as she discusses safe and effective exercises you can do after you have had kids.

Exercises you can do even the first day after you have given birth, to exercises you should do to strengthen your core and pelvic floor after you have clearance for exercise, to ways you can ramp up your training for moms who are ready to run and get back into their fitness routine.  The best exercises you can do to flatten the mummy tummy and to stop peeing your pants in a simple and easy ways that you can do at home.

This FREE workshop will be a combination of learning, exercises and open discussion.  This is an all levels class for any fitness level and moms with children of any age.  We will enjoy a delicious and nutritious post workout drink afterwards and connect with other moms wanting to get back into shape. Let’s get fit and have some fun! Join this community of moms looking to getting stronger and feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Space is limited, sign up today to reserve your spot!
  • $0



So many changes happen to our bodies after babies, including our core and pelvic floor.  Join Alissa Blais in this 1-hour workshop as we delve deeper into exploring our core and its many layers of the torso.

This workshop is for moms of any stage post-partum/child that is looking to strengthen their core, tighten up their mummy tummy and learn techniques to heal, tone and prepare increased demands of exercise.

Learning safe and effective ways to get stronger, feel more comfortable and advance our fitness.  Learn to use self-massage techniques to help with c-section scaring, digestion and creating awareness for deep inner strength and tension release.

This workshop is for you:

  • If you feel like your core is still weak after having baby.
  • If you are not sure which exercises are safe.
  • If you have diastasis recti.
  • If you pee your pants or have pain in your pelvic region since having a baby.
  • If you have digestion issues, have had a c-section, or if you would like to change your relationship with your gut.
  • If you are starting a workout program and want to reduce the risk of back pain
  • If you want to strengthen your core so you can progress to more challenging workouts

Babies are welcome 🙂


  • $25 +hst, if you already have a Yoga Tune Up Coregeous ball
  • $35 +hst, if you need a Yoga Tune Up Coregeous ball

Instructor:  Alissa Blais

I’m Alissa – Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Stand Up Paddle board Coach, who loves green smoothies, a mind/body focused workout and taking my kids on adventures.

I have a passion for learning and helping others.  With a degree in Health Science and a former career in healthcare, I left my corporate career after having kids to pursue my passions of health, fitness and wellness.  I have been a personal trainer for 18 years, a yoga teacher for 10, and a mother for 5.  I took the leap to being a full time movement educator after my son was born and I am so thrilled to have a job that I love.