Baby Food Basics

Join Dr. Whitney Young, ND. Superbaby & Supermom Mentor to learn about going from “Milk to Meals.”

Introducing foods to your baby can be one of the most joyful times but can also be the most confusing and scary times.

Your baby is getting close to starting to eat foods and you’re really excited about their first taste of real food but you’re terrified about what to feed them, how big the pieces should be and how much they should be eating.

Dr. Whitney loves to talk baby food and is excited to join you in your baby food journey.

This hour will be full of information about the foods you should start with, how to introduce peanuts, foods to avoid, how to do it, food sensitivity signs to look out for and much more.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you join me for our workshop:

  • Why going from “Milk to Meals” properly is more critical than we thought and how to do it right

  • Why these 5 reasons are causing 40% of moms to feed their babies too soon. Pay attention to these 5 reasons and these 3 ready signs and you’ll do great

  • The 7 Biggest Baby Blunders (health consequences) for feeding your baby too soon

  • Why the research has changed on introducing peanuts and when to do it and how to do it safely

  • How to easily create a week-by-week food introduction schedule that will work for you, your baby and your family

  • Why food sensitivities are causing the next health epidemic our children are facing and what you can do about it starting now.


  • Tuesday July 20 @ 10:00-11:00am


  • $28+hst



  • Outdoors @ Shear Park, central Barrie


*Pre-Registration is required.  Spaces are limited to comply with Provincial Health Guidelines so please register early!  Registration is managed by Dr. Whitney Young, you will be re-directed to her secure site to complete the process and payment.

Instructor:  Dr. Whitney Young