Car Seat Installations

Car Seat Installations and Clinics in Barrie and Simcoe County

Did you know that over 75% of car seats are installed incorrectly or misused in some way?

Whether you are a new or experienced parent or other caregiver, there is always much to learn about car seat safety! When you book an appointment with a certified car seat technician (CPST), you will get peace of mind knowing that your installation is secure and your child is properly restrained.

The CPST will thoroughly inspect your car seat installation and teach you the right techniques for fixing any errors that may be present. You will also learn how to use the car seat properly and discuss a variety of safety topics designed to provide your child with the maximum level of protection in the event of a crash.

You will be given ample time to ask questions and practice what you have learned, including demonstrating that you can install the car seat yourself – this is a skill that will benefit you in the future. Knowing how to correctly use and install your own seats means you won’t be caught off-guard when a CPST isn’t readily available to help you in the event of emergencies or during travel.

Everything taught and discussed during the appointment will be documented on a CAR SEAT INSPECTION FORM which you will sign and be given a copy of at the end of the appointment.


  • The appointment duration is 1 hour for one car seat. A 2nd car seat requires a separate appointment at a reduced cost (see cost section) Keep in mind that back-to-back time slots may not be available.   
  • Appointments take place in the parking lot directly in front of the entrance to Serenity Birth Studio. Upon your arrival, check in at the front retail counter inside the Serenity Babyshop.
  • Prior to the appointment, read the car seat manual in full, install the car seat to the best of your ability and bring the manual with you to the appointment. Please also ensure the interior of your vehicle is clean and free of excess clutter, both in the passenger seating area and trunk/cargo space.
  • Weekday & Saturday availability, Click the “Book Now” blue button to see options
  • 1 seat = $30
  • 2nd car seat = $25 (may need to be booked as a separate 1-hour appointment).  
  • 3+ car seats will require a private appointment due to it’s more complex nature.  Please contact the Technician directly at 
  • E-transfer preferred.  Cash also accepted.
  • Serenity Birth Studio & Babyshop
  • 4 Alliance Blvd., Unit 10, Barrie, ON
  • Ph: 705-725-0990
  • Email:


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The appointment will be rescheduled with as much notice as possible in the event of severe weather such as heavy rain/thunderstorms, heavy/accumulating snow or extreme cold/heat. Please contact Serenity Birth Studio and/or the CPST if you are unsure if the appointment will proceed due to weather conditions,  or if you wish to reschedule regardless.

Appointment Cancellation

Please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your appointment so that other clients may be accommodated.

Late Arrival

We kindly request that you reschedule your appointment if you will be more than 10 minutes late – the 15 minute spacing between appointments allows for the next one to begin in a timely manner and gives the CPST sufficient time to prepare.


Elaine certified car seat technician in Barrie and Simcoe County

Elaine is a certified car seat technician (CPST) who became interested in child passenger safety after her daughter was born in 2012. Trained and certified by the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada (CPSAC) since 2014, she has become a passionate advocate for the proper use and installation of child restraints for all ages and stages.

Her experience includes educating across various social media platforms, consulting with parents through email and private in-person appointments, as well as working in the retail baby gear industry.