Early Explorers Sensory Play

Early Explorers sensory play

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Not sure where to start with Sensory and your Toddler? Early Explorers Program will help guide you through various Sensory Play Experiences that foster all areas of Development. Emily will facilitate simple Sensory Activities that will teach you how to increase your Toddler’s Fine Motor Skills, Language, Problem Solving, Self Control and Emotional Regulation. 

In this program expect to get a little messy. Please bring your own wipes, towel or cloths to clean off your child and a change of clothes may be helpful. 


  • 1-3 years
  • See cost section for additional babies and/or toddlers


  • Tuesday’s @ 10:45-11:45am


  • Shear Park, Holgate St., Barrie 
  • Open time following class allowing you ample time to feed or change baby and get to know the other Mama’s in your class in a small group, physically distanced setting.
  • In the event of adverse weather, we will running the class at a covered gazebo at Doran Park, Midhurst/Barrie townline)


  • $15 +hst per class
  • Cost includes 1 adult + 1 toddler
  • Option to add 2nd toddler (from same family), use the + 1 toddler checkbox ($7.50 + hst)


  • Blanket or ground covering.
  • Towels or cloths for clean up
  • Extra change of clothes for your child as we may get messy exploring the senses!


  • These classes are run in an outdoor, physically distanced setting.  Every family will have a designated spot during your time with us.
  • This class is designed to ensure no intermingling of supplies.  Every family will have their own set of supplies for the class.  Supplies used are all non-toxic and taste safe.


Emily Blocksdorf is a former Early Childhood Educator and Early Intervention Resource Consultant.

Emily started blogging at Life with Mama B during her maternity leave and decided to stay home full time.  On her blog she shares her motherhood journey and you can also find many tips and tricks for kids activities.

Emily has a passion for sharing her knowledge of child development with other parents and caregivers.


Session 1: Summer Freeze

Early Explorers will be creating art with ice paint on various textures.  We also will be melting ice with a secret surprise inside.

Session 2: Sandy Fun

Early Explorers will be making moon sand.  Learn to measure, dump and pour and then play in the sand.  Bring your sand toys!

Session 3: Strokes of Nature

Early Explorers will go on a nature scavenger hunt.  After hunting we will use our findings to paint!

Session 4: Citrus Splash

Early Explorers will be learning all about citrus fruits in a water sensory bin.  We will be comparing shapes and sizes, colour and even taste!

Session 5: Music Melody

Early Explorers will be making our own instruments and learning opposites such as fast/slow and loud/quiet sounds.

Session 6: Dream and Explore

Early Explorers will be learning fun and creative ways to use sensory dough!