Embracing an Empowered Motherhood

You are strong Momma!

I believe that all moms are strong just as they are. I also know that after having a baby you can feel anything but.

That is why I am hosting this free informative workshop! I want you to have all of the information about your body and how it changes in pregnancy and beyond. I want you to see your body and yourself for the truly amazing being that you are.

When we come from a place of knowledge and love with our bodies we are empowered to make informed decisions. We can create true and lasting change in our lives.

Come join me to unleash the Strong Mother within.

*This is a baby/child friendly class.


  • Tuesday March 19, 2:00-3:30pm


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Instructor:  Amanda Ingram

Amanda Ingram is a Mind & Body Coach for pregnant & postpartum women and a Body Positive Advocate. She teaches moms a different, gentler way to view the pregnant & postpartum period through movement and mindset.  To learn more about Amanda Ingram, please visit her business Facebook page at Amanda Ingram Fitness.