Engaging Your Senses in Motherhood

Engaging your Senses in Motherhood is a six-week therapeutic support group for moms or expecting parents who are struggling to manage emotions, their roles as moms and want to build their coping toolbox while connecting with other moms who *get it*.

Through the six weeks, participants will engage in different ways to use their senses with readily accessible tools to feel more present, grounded and more like the person they want to be.  At the end of this support group program, participants will have a greater sense of the power their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body have in engaging with the world around them.

Angela and Amber both have years of experience working with new parents, supporting mental health struggles and facilitating support groups.

Insurance may cover all or part of the cost of this psychotherapeutic group if you have coverage for social work – receipts will be provided.  Join us for the whole series, or one week, however receipts will only be provided for weeks that you do attend.



  • Tuesdays @ 9:30am-11:00am



  • Serenity Birth Studio, 4 Alliance Blvd., Unit 10, Barrie, ON



  • $350 (tax exempt)

Amber is a Registered Social Worker and certified perinatal mental health provider with years of working with women, moms and others who struggle with worries, avoidance and low mood that impact relationships and struggle with feeling fulfilled.  She is a mom boss who helps people to face the ghosts of the past to be present today thriving as parents and in the world.

Angela is a Registered Social Worker and perinatal mental health provider, specialising in maternal mental health, and all things parenthood. She has a wealth of experience helping individuals work through transitions, worries, low mood and general day to day struggles, including teaching self compassion and acceptance–an area that so many of us struggle with.  As a mother of young children, she knows first-hand the challenges of extreme fatigue, pressures from society to “do it right”, balancing relationships as a new mom, combating mood fluctuations, and sometimes feeling unable to effectively cope with the day-to-day. She aims to help others through these struggles to enable them to grow, heal, and find their joy so they can live their life more meaningfully.