GrowCo Postpartum Rehab series

GrowCo Postpartum rehab for new moms

PLEASE NOTE: During the Ontario lockdown, this program will be run virtually via Zoom Meeting.  We will return to small group, in person in the Serenity studio space as soon as we can safely do so.  We look forward to supporting you in the postpartum period!

The postpartum period is a joyous time, but it is also a time of intense transitions, learning and recovery. There will be healthcare providers monitoring your baby closely to ensure they are healthy and responding well – but what about you momma?

We believe that moms deserve more than just a 6 week check up when it comes to recovery after childbirth.  Women everywhere are continuing to suffer from physical, mental and emotional pain stemming from pregnancy and childbirth.  Many of these ailments can be recognized and prevented early in the postpartum period but are often overlooked or accepted as a normal part of becoming a mom.  GROWCO is striving to raise the standard of care for women everywhere!  GROWCO postpartum rehab is a doctor led evidence-based rehabilitation program for your core, pelvic floor and whole body.  As a GROWCO practitioner I am trained to assess and treat moms at any stage of postpartum to help prevent, reduce or resolve issues such as:

  • Diastasis recti
  • Incontinence
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Pelvic pain
  • Low back pain
  • Injuries common to new mommas

All classes are in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment. We don’t mind if you’re late, still in your pyjamas or if you haven’t washed your hair in a week! We just want you here to work on proper movement and tissue healing.

Children and babies of all ages are welcome though keep in mind that everyone must remain on their designated area to ensure safe physical distancing guidelines.



  • Mondays & Wednesdays, 1:30pm-2:30pm
  • 4-week / 8 session series
  • Registration closes 1 week prior to the start date to allow time to fit in your pre-assessment
  • Click “view upcoming dates” button for a listing of upcoming dates & times


  • Virtual via Zoom Meeting (at Serenity Birth Studio when in person resumes again)


  • A typical 60 minute class includes: breath work, core and pelvic floor exercises, upper and lower body strengthening and total body conditioning.
  • VIRTUAL –> Dr. Ashley Barker will email you with what you will require when joining us virtually from home.
  • IN PERSON –> Mats & equipment provided (sanitation protocols in place).  Or you can bring your own yoga mat & exercise band.


  • $199 +hst
  • + initial assessment fee with Dr. Ashley
  • Upon registration & payment, Dr. Ashley will connect with you directly to book your initial assessment in clinic (impact Healthcare) prior to the program commencing.  Virtual and in person appointments are available.

This may be covered by your extended healthcare benefits under Chiropractic Care*

*Chiropractic initial assessment required to submit to extended healthcare benefits


COVID-19 PROCEDURES (for in person programming):

  • Equipment is fully sanitized between use and is dedicated to this program series only (yoga mat & exercise band).  You are also welcome to bring your own
  • Our studio is 700 sq ft boasting high ceiling (approx 20ft+) and open concept allowing excellent air flow
  • Programs are spaced far apart to allow you time to pack up and exit the studio and give you dedicate store shop time, if needed prior to next program arriving.
  • If you or baby are unwell, experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, we will have a Zoom meeting virtual tune in so you don’t miss any class education and content.
  • Handwash & hand sanitizer stations available throughout the facility.

INSTRUCTOR:        Dr. Ashley Barker, DC

Dr. Ashley Barker completed her Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology from McMaster University graduating in 2011. Following her undergraduate degree, Ashley moved to Barrie, Ontario to begin working as a Registered Kinesiologist designing and implementing rehabilitation programs for people of all ages and ability levels. During this time she became inspired to study further and become a Chiropractor.  She completed her doctorate in chiropractic medicine at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2016.

As a chiropractor, Ashley takes an individualized approach with each patient, treating conditions and functional issues with a combination of soft tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, joint manipulations, exercise and education as well as other therapeutic devices. She combines these methods in the best way possible to provide care for her patients to feel better and live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Becoming a new mom, Ashley realized there was a significant gap in the healthcare system when it comes to postpartum women. She noticed many of her patients continued to suffer from various conditions stemming from pregnancy and childbirth. Many of these ailments can be recognized and prevented early in the postpartum period but are often accepted as a normal part of becoming a mom. This passion led to her taking additional courses in postpartum rehabilitation and wanting to raise the standard of care for women in her community.