Serenity’s Social Hour

Baby: 0-24m, Free

A monthly community social with a theme where we will be chatting about topics relevant to parenting!  

I’ve been dreaming about this concept for years and now more than ever emerging out of a pandemic, it was the time to use the Serenity teaching studio to continue connecting Mama’s and parents in meaningful ways.  Though we have developed a core flow of programming, servicing parents from early pregnancy to 1 year of age, we just can’t cover everything in our programs.

Serenity’s social hour was born to nurture and support your journey in parenting by bringing you some incredible practitioners and small businesses here to share their expertise.

And the most important, this is a FREE learning session followed by SOCIAL TIME to have conversation with Mama’s at the same stage as you.


  • Experienced subject matter experts in pregnancy, birth & parenting facilitate the sessions. 
  • These interactive sessions include lots of Q&A to answer and support all your questions surrounding Motherhood.
  • The end of the session is comprised of Social Time to mix and mingle with other Mama’s at the same stage as you.


  • Serenity Birth Studio, 4 Alliance Blvd., Unit 10


  • Varies each month based on facilitator’s availability.  
  • Approximately 1.5hr


  • Free

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