Barb Leonard

Infant & Child CPR

Barb Leonard’s love and passion working with children and infants expands further than working in the hospital. She has been a nurse for 40 years and started her nursing career in Toronto where she graduated from the George Brown RN Program.  She then furthered her education to obtain her Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree from Ryerson University.

Barb first started her RVH career in the Birthing Unit 37 years ago. She has helped families bring into the world numerous babies, as well teach mothers how to properly breastfeed, and simply care for newborns. Over time, she transitioned to the PACU where she continued to broaden her knowledge where she cared for adult and paediatric patients awake from surgery. In 2013, she accepted the position, as the Clinical Educator for the Maternal Newborn Child and Youth Program in the Interprofessional Practice Department. While continuing her career as a nurse, she teaches employees the Heart and Stroke Course for Basic Life Saving and the Neonatal Resuscitation Program. She has been a Basic Lifesaving Instructor for the Heart and Stroke Foundation for the past 15 years.

The passion Barb has working with children and infants, as well being a mother to 3 children gave her the passion to teach other families the importance of CPR. She understands that in today’s society anything is possible and believes with her knowledge she can help educate families.

Children are our future, let’s work together to make their lives safe as they are our future leaders in society!