Kara-Joy Wilson


Giggles & Wiggles sensory play

Kara-Joy Wilson was once a young naive woman who dreamed of having a family of her own and longed to become a mother. However, because of this strong desire, she never anticipated the difficulties motherhood would entail, which has lead to daily struggles with her emotions and negative self-doubt.

Kara-Joy is now a mother of two beautiful children and though her emotions are often still very fragile, she has learned that it is okay to not be okay. She has realized that motherhood is not a journey meant to be alone and is thus earnestly developing a community of mothers – and fathers – to provide support and encouragement to one another as we all experience the various trials of raising children: Barrie Busy Mama.

Raising children is not only the hardest task one can have the honour of doing, but the most important task. It is in raising children today that will affect the world tomorrow – which we as parents can directly influence. Barrie Busy Mama unites parents, so that together we can leave a legacy for our children that is worth inheriting.