Lotus Natural Living Tush Diaper Balm 2oz Push-Up Tube


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This 100% natural diaper balm has been created with the utmost love and care. It contains the gentlest ingredients possible such as olive oil, calendula, lavender and chamomile. It is scented with only pure essential oils.
Tush can be used every day to help prevent a diaper rash or just when a diaper rash occurs. Your baby will thank you!.

Customer praise:

“So I ran out of Tush and hadn’t ordered more early enough, so I stopped and picked up some stuff from the drug store while I waited for my Lotus order. Within 4 hours, my 21 month old had diaper rash, and his “teething diapers” escalated the problem. The next day, he was so sore and raw he was crying and holding his bum. I found a travel push-up stick of Tush I had forgotten about in my car and immediately used it. His rash lessened by the next diaper change, and by that night, it was all but gone. These products are incredible, thanks so much for creating them.”

“I have been using the Tush All Natural Diaper Balm since my twin boys were born one year ago. It is the best cream for my boys sensitive areas by far. They have each had only one rash and with constant use it was cleared up within a day of using the Tush balm. A little bit of this product goes a long way. It’s easily applied and the tin is the perfect size for travel. I can’t live without the Tush! Thank you for making a mom of twins job a little bit easier”.

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